Fall Into Reading 2008

I’ve decided to join my first reading challenge! Normally, I choose not to do reading challenges because my reading is often on a whim – I like being able to read whatever I feel like reading at the time. However, this challenge is extremely flexible, so I’m trying it out! (And just in time too – the deadline to participate is tonight at midnight!)

My list of books:
1. The Man Who Loved China – Simon Winchester
2. An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination – Elizabeth McCracken
3. The Heretic Queen – Michelle Moran
4. The Fire – Katherine Neville
5. The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life – Kerry Reichs
6. House and Home – Kathleen McCleary
7. How Perfect is That – Sarah Bird
8. Hot Mess: Summer in the City – Julie Kraut & Sharon Lester
9. Soup in the City – Kelly Hollingsworth
10. The 19th Wife – David Ebershoff
11. The Likeness – Tana French
12. When Will There Be Good News – Kate Atkinson
13. The Last Queen – C.W. Gortner
14. My Husband’s Sweethears – Bridget Asher
15. Altared – Colleen Curran
16. The Memorist – M.J. Rose
17. The Other Queen – Philippa Gregory
18. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larson
19. The Caliph’s House – Tahir Shah
20. Riding Rockets – Mike Mullane

I think 20 is a reasonable amount for 3 months (at least I hope!) I have a good mix of books on there, I think. I’m going to try to refrain from changing any books – the only good reason I can think of is if they have a long wait at the library and I don’t think I’m going to get them in time! We’ll see how well I stick to this though; I could list less books and make it easier to reach my goal, but then there’s no challenge!


  1. I’m going to do this challenge, too, but I haven’t published my post yet. You’re more ambitious than I am – my list only has 10 books on it. By the way, I’ve added you to Google Reader.

  2. Ooh good luck! I haven’t entered a challenge yet either but this one does sound flexible. I’d probably just do my ARC pile!

    Good luck!

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you’re reading How Perfect Is That…I can’t wait to read your review…I really enjoyed it! It’s definitely different/quirky…

  4. You have inspired me! Ever since I read your post I’m almost certain I’ll join, I’ve been reading random people’s lists! Just as long as I don’t forget between now and when I get home! Thank you!

  5. I joined! http://aleapopculture.blogspot.com/2008/09/fall-into-reading-2008-challenge.html

    It’s a pretty small list but it’s a good place to start!

  6. Great list!

  7. I have always wondered this… I just saw your challenge list on the sidebar and love how they are crossed out as you go. I’ve always wanted to cross things out but don’t know how. I’m sure it’s something very very simple and I just haven’t figured it out/noticed it.

  8. You’ve got a good list there Swapna. I look forward to your reviews.

  9. Great list! I see you’ve finished a bunch already!

    The Heretic Queen and The 19th Wife are on my list too!


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