The Frog Prince – Jane Porter

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: Jane Porter
ISBN: 0446694495
Pages: 384
Release Date: May 18, 2005
Genre: Chick Lit
Challenge: Countdown Challenge, Winter Reading Challenge
Rating: 4 out of 5

From the back cover:

Once upon a time, a lovely maiden from Fresno married the man of her dreams. After the honeymoon, she waited for the “happily ever after” part…until her Prince Charming turned out to be a toad.

Now Holly Bishop is about to write a new chapter in her life. She moves to San Francisco to become an event planner—only to find she is dealing with a gorgeous fairy godmother for a boss and corporate witches wicked enough to sabotage her future. Not to mention the egomaniacal frogs Holly finds lurking at the bottom of the dating pool. With no one to save her, will Holly slay the dragons herself and stand on her own for the very first time? Will the man behind the mask at her costume ball make her believe in love again? And will she risk giving up her dreams to become the heroine of her own story?

The Frog Prince is the story of Holly Bishop, a woman whose life has been slowly falling apart. As a character, Holly is very well-written. At the beginning, she seems to be a bit of a doormat, letting those around her step all over her. She realizes this partway through the novel and begins to assert herself more and more until the end of the book, when she has the strength to stand up for herself and do what is important to her. That being said, she never is ungracious or rude; she knows when to bow out.

I really enjoyed reading this character development. Too often in a novel, the main character doesn’t realize his or her flaws and continues annoying the reader with them through the whole book. In the last 20-30 pages, the character finally realizes the problem and corrects it just in time for a happy ending. I liked Porter’s approach much better. Holly is pretty down at the beginning of the novel, and it’s completely understandable. Her life is in shambles and she has moved to a brand new city where she has no friends in an effort to start over. Her marriage was a sham and ended in less than a year. It is understandable why Holly is sad. However, she doesn’t annoy the reader by harping on and on. Instead, as she develops as a character, she faces her problems and insecurities one by one. It’s definitely a gratifying process for the reader.

I’ve really been enjoying Jane Porter, andThe Frog Prince is the last of her chick-lit reads that I had to read (after Odd Mom Out [review], Mrs. Perfect [review], and Flirting with Forty [review].) I have to say, I’m a little sad there aren’t any more sitting on my shelf – her books were like a warm blanket. I always knew they would be light, fun reads that still had substance and would never let me down. I can’t wait for her next chick lit novel, releasing in July 2009.

A HUGE thank you to Miriam @ Hachette for sending me all four of Jane Porter’s wonderful novels to read and review!


  1. This one sounds good! I too hate it how at the very last second the characters make a change just in time for the happy ending, gets a little old!

  2. I enjoyed Flirting with Forty, so I bet I’ll like this one, too.

  3. This sounds great, actually all of them have. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. I like those warm comfort type of reads.

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