Book Review: Speak of the Devil – Allison Leotta

Speak of the DevilTitle: Speak of the Devil
Author: Allison Leotta
ISBN: 9781451644852
Pages: 288
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Touchstone
Genre: Legal Thriller
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 out of 5


Anna Curtis, a sex crimes prosecutor in Washington, DC, is about to have the biggest night of her life—a marriage proposal over a romantic dinner. But what she doesn’t know is that at that same time, a man called Diablo is raiding a brothel and committing horrible crimes against the people there. When Anna learns of the night’s events, she becomes determined to take down Diablo and his gang—MS-13—even as she becomes their next target.


Speak of the Devil is a legal thriller that deals with a very timely issue: gangs. MS-13, a gang out of El Salvador that is as vicious as it is notorious, is a huge problem around the United States, and specifically, in Washington, DC. It’s so interesting to see Leotta take on the gang in her book, as she helps the reader understand the mentality and drive of the gang members, as well as the difficulty in going after them legally.

Anna Curtis is on fire in Speak of the Devil. She’s no longer young or naive, and is instead a hard-charging prosecutor on the warpath against MS-13. It takes someone driven to go after such a large organization, and Anna’s absolutely determined to bring them down. Leotta writes the story believably; the pacing is great, and readers will be absolutely floored by the twists and turns in this novel.

But it’s not just Anna’s professional life that’s changing in Speak of the Devil. Her personal life is as well, and it’s interesting to see what effect that has. I’ve stated in previous reviews that I wasn’t a fan of Jack’s relationship with Anna. I felt he was controlling and unsympathetic in previous installments. But Jack goes a long way towards winning me over in this book, and Leotta throws fantastic wrenches into things that will definitely leave readers wanting more.

Though Speak of the Devil is the first in a series, it’s not necessary to read the other books before picking up this one. They each stand alone well, and also each deal with their own specific issues. Leotta is a talented writer, and she brings her real-life experience as a former Washington, DC sex crimes prosecutor to the table on every page of this book. Once you pick t up, you shouldn’t plan on putting it down until the last pages are turned.

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