Book Review: The Shadow Tracer – Meg Gardiner

Shadow Tracer coverTitle: The Shadow Tracer
Author: Meg Gardiner
ISBN: 9780525953227
Pages: 368
Release Date: June 27, 2013
Publisher: Dutton
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Sarah Keller has been living quietly with her five-year-old daughter Zoe, trying to stay as off the grid as possible. After all, she knows that she will never fully be able to escape her past, and that if she and Zoe are found by the wrong people, she might never see her daughter again. But when chance circumstances bring attention down on Sarah and Zoe, she has no choice but to do what she does best: run, and hope she can once again outmaneuver those who want to take her daughter from her.


If you’re looking for a read with breathless, nonstop action, then The Shadow Tracer is the novel for you. Meg Gardiner combines a pulse-pounding action novel with an interesting storyline, and the pace doesn’t let up for a second. Sarah’s a great character, more than capable of taking care of herself. What’s more, she’s smart and resourceful, but she doesn’t trust easily. Readers will enjoy getting to know her and understanding the circumstances through which she came to be in danger. Though this is, first and foremost, an action thriller, Gardiner doesn’t sacrifice character development or plot.

The action is really the centerpiece of The Shadow Tracer, and it’s well done. I’ll admit that I prefer more plotting to constant action, but I never found myself bored with this book. Gardiner balances each aspect well enough to keep readers engaged, and it’s easy to become invested in Sarah’s story and hope that she finds a way out for herself and Zoe. While the action itself isn’t fully believable (some of the fight scenes are…far-fetched), it’s still entertaining to read.

This is most definitely a page-turning read that thriller fans won’t be able to put down. Gardiner does a great job surprising the reader with the twists and turns, so if action is what you look for in books (or is what you’re in the mood for right now) then don’t hesitate to pick this book up.

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