Book Review: The Book of Secrets – Elizabeth Arnold

The Book of SecretsTitle: The Book of Secrets
Author: Elizabeth Arnold
ISBN: 9780553592535
Pages: 464
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Bantam
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 out of 5


Chloe Sinclair has tried so hard to let go of the horrors of her past: her dead son, Gabriel, to name just one thing. That’s why she, and her husband Nate, have bought a bookstore, though it seems like it’s drowning them instead of reviving their marriage. One day, Chloe finds that Nate has disappeared completely, but he’s left behind a note, one that says he’s returned home. But what has lured Nate back to that place that both of them have tried so hard to forget?

Snapshot Review:

The Book of Secrets is a thoughtful women’s novel about secrets of the past and the damage they can cause. Though it’s predictable, readers will enjoy immersing themselves in Chloe’s story and will find it satisfying to watch her find closure.

Full Review:

Secrets and lies abound in Elizabeth Arnold’s The Book of Secrets, and they all center around Chloe. Growing up, she was on the outside looking into the Sinclair family. She’s captivated by each of the three Sinclair children, and eventually, she marries Nate. But with that action comes devastating consequences; there are traumatic events in Chloe’s past that she’s tried to put behind her, but with Nate’s return to his childhood home, it’s clear that the ghosts of their pasts are about to emerge.

Chloe is an interesting character; she’s definitely been through a lot, so readers will feel for her. However, while reading, I kept having to remind myself that she was in her 40s; the voice sounded, at least to me, as if she was much younger, slightly overwrought and sometimes melodramatic. That being said, I enjoyed reading Chloe’s story and absolutely felt for her as Arnold revealed what had happened to her.

The story of The Book of Secrets will really draw readers in; it’s a long book, but readers will race through the pages to discover what happens. Even if readers will likely figure out the end outcome before it’s revealed, it’s still enjoyable to be along for the ride. Elizabeth Arnold has really matured as a writer, and it shows in The Book of Secrets. It’s got great atmosphere, and it’s a novel for people who love books. If you feel that reading women’s fiction is one of your great pleasures in life, then you should definitely pick up this novel.

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