Book Review: Flight of the Silvers – Daniel Price

The Flight of the Silvers coverTitle: The Flight of the Silvers
Author: Daniel Price
ISBN: 9780399164989
Pages: 608
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


One second the world is normal. Everyone is fine and everything is just as it should be. The next second, the world ends and six people are pulled into a parallel world, one that is almost unrecognizable, but is still earth. These six are called Silvers, and they are brought together by a mysterious organization who doesn’t want to tell them much about what’s happened. When they each begin developing strange powers, the Silvers know that they must get to the bottom of what’s happened and figure out why, of all the people on our earth, they were saved.

Snapshot Review:

A mind-bending work of science fiction, Flight of the Silvers pairs an excellently paced plot with well-written and fully realized characters. If you’re new to the science fiction world, Daniel Price’s chunkster might just be the book to draw you into the genre.

Full Review:

I’ll admit it: Flight of the Silvers intimidated me when I first picked it up. I mean, it’s a big book, first of all, and second, it’s confusing at the beginning. A lot happens, with very little explanation. The reader is just as in the dark as the characters are. It’s easy to feel lost, to feel like you’re barely managing to keep your head above the surface of this intricate novel. But be patient. There is an enlightening moment, one where everything comes together and it all just clicks beautifully. It takes time getting there, but this is a good enough read that it’s worth the effort.

Flight of the Silvers is a great choice for those who aren’t fully comfortable with the science fiction genre, yet are interested in reading more from it. It’s not that it’s “lite” or any such thing, but that many of the elements that define a good read generally are present in this novel. The pacing is great, as are the twists and turns in the plot. At times it can be exhausting because of the sheer amount of action, but Price never sacrifices character development or plot just for action’s sake.

And indeed, it’s really the characters that make Flight of the Silvers worth reading. Price took his time carefully constructing and molding each of the main characters. These people leap off the page, with all of their flaws and ugly bits; they’re so incredibly realistic and three dimensional. Even though they’re not perfect, readers will enjoy getting to know each of these characters and understanding them. They are what carry the narrative; as the reader becomes emotionally invested in these characters, it becomes crucial that they survive their ordeals. 

This novel is a commitment; it’s long and takes some brain power, as the story is complex. But it’s very well-written and intricately constructed; you can tell Price spent serious time and effort polishing Flight of the Silvers. This is a novel that will impress fans of science fiction, but the great characters will appeal to readers in all genres. You should absolutely plan on picking it up as soon as possible, as it’s the first in a planned series.

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  1. I might not have enough “brain power.”:)

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