Book Review: The Boleyn Reckoning – Laura Andersen

the boleyn reckoning cover

Title: The Boleyn Reckoning
Author: Laura Andersen
ISBN: 9780345534132
Pages: 416
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Ballantine
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 out of 5


The trilogy that asks “What if Anne Boleyn had a son, and hadn’t been executed?” continues with its final installment in this book. William, the king, has recovered from smallpox, but he’s not the same man he was. He’s prone to irrational fits of anger and rules with his heart instead of his head. Minuette, betrothed to the king but secretly married, continues with her deception, knowing that the longer she waits to tell the king, the more serious the repercussions will be. And Elizabeth waits on the sidelines, watching all the intrigue at court and trying to figure out what is best for England.

Snapshot Review:

It’s sad that one of the most creative trilogies out there is coming to an end with The Boleyn Reckoning. People are endlessly fascinated with the story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and Andersen has taken that fascination one step further with this series. It’s historically plausible, which is what makes it so interesting. If you’ve read a lot about this time period, as I have, you’ll find it intriguing to watch the way Andersen manipulates her characters as if they are pieces on a chess board, taking historical people you know so well and making them adapt to these very different circumstances. I really did adore this trilogy; because the characters are younger, the trilogy has a YA feel, with emotions running high, and simpler, easy to read language throughout. I am sad that it’s come to a conclusion, but I do hope that Andersen continues in this vein, shaking up history through the use of fiction, because it’s fun to read and she’s clearly very good at it.

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