Book Review: World of Trouble – Ben H. Winters

World of Trouble cover

Title: World of Trouble
Author: Ben H. Winters
ISBN: 9781594746857
Pages: 320
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The asteroid that is going to end life on the planet earth is just days away from impact, and Hank has left his sanctuary in the woods, where he was going to meet the end with his friends, for one reason: He wants to find his sister and see her one last time before they both die. Hank travels halfway across the country on foot tracking her down, and finally begins to catch up with her. Is her plan to save all of humanity real, and if so, can Hank help make it happen before it’s too late?

Snapshot Review:

A gripping conclusion to what has been a unique and satisfying trilogy, World of Trouble features another exciting mystery and a main character who exists far beyond the pages of this book.

Full Review:

World of Trouble is the third and final novel in The Last Policeman trilogy featuring (now former) Detective Hank Palace, a good man just trying to do his job even though the end of the world is upon them. Throughout the trilogy, readers see society breaking down bit by bit. Now, in the final book, most traces of civilization are gone. There’s no power, no running water, and people are killing each other over the supplies that are left. It’s a frightening, if realistic, portrayal of what would actually happen in this situation, and Winters writes it well.

Hank is the last bastion of hope in a world gone mad in World of Trouble. He knows he probably won’t find his sister, but he also knows that he will die trying if he has to. He’s a great character, one who has been pushed to his limits over the course of the trilogy, but he never stops being a good person or trying his best to do the right thing. So many people have given up and are at war with the world, and Hank is the one who is still trying despite everything, showing who he truly is. It could be cheesy, but instead, it’s inspiring.

Each of these novels in The Last Policeman trilogy centers on a mystery that Hank must solve, and World of Trouble is no different. The mystery is intriguing and will keep readers guessing, even as they dread the outcome of the book. They know it can end one of two ways: either the world is saved or it is not. Winters wraps up his trilogy incredibly well. It’s a beautiful, satisfying ending, one that’s fitting for the books.

If you’re looking for well-written and unique mystery novels, then The Last PolicemanCountdown City, and World of Trouble are absolutely perfect choices. Winters features great character development, gripping individual storylines, and an overarching narrative in which nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and am so looking forward to seeing what Winters does next.

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