Let’s Talk about My Little Free Library

I’ve talked a bit about my Little Free Library here on the blog, but I thought I’d take some time to discuss what’s been happening recently with my library. If you don’t know what a Little Free Library is, basically, it’s a (nicely painted and constructed) box that sits in my front yard and holds books for my neighbors and those passing by. People donate to the library, and I also refill the library regularly (usually on a daily basis, with how quickly books move). Because I live in an urban, walkable neighborhood on a busy street, it gets a lot of traffic.

I’ve recently been trying something new with my library: publisher takeovers! A publisher sends copies of a book (or multiple different books, or books in a series), and “takes over” the library for a day or two. My neighbors have been enjoying this exposure to new books, and I enjoy tweeting about what books are being taken over the course of the takeover.

Today, my neighbors are lucky enough to be able to grab copies of The Vacationers by Emma Straub. Riverhead Books sent over 25 copies for their library takeover.

The Vacationers Little Free Library

Last Friday, Little, Brown and Co had their moment in the sun: they sent over copies of 7 different books for a takeover.


And that’s not the end of them—there are more takeovers coming up! If you’re a neighbor and would like to stay up to date on what’s going on in the library, bookmark my Little Free Library page and Instagram feed, which is updated every day or two with what’s in the library. If you’re a publicist and want to discuss a takeover, email me for details!

On Book Riot, I wrote about how someone stole all the books (and bookends) out of my library one day; it was disheartening (though great fodder for some humorous writing!), but the show of support has been incredible. It’s nice to know people care about their neighborhood Little Free Libraries! I’ve certainly enjoyed stewarding my own.


  1. The Literarium says:

    Gosh, I wish you were my neighbor! This LFL is a great thing you do, and the publisher takeover is an awesome idea. I’ve heard The Vacationers is great. I read about the theft you experienced too by the way, and that appalled me that there are people out there that would spoil such a wonderful thing. I’m glad to see the LFL isn’t fazed. Anyway, I think I’ll go buy the house next door now… haha

  2. I love following your LFL. My mom is building one right now for her front yard and I’ve sent her all your articles from Book Riot.

  3. Beth Hoffman says:

    This is so great, I’ll bet you’re the talk of the neighborhood!

  4. Larry Temple says:

    We live in Edmonds, WA in the heart of our small town with plenty of daily pedestrians and weekend visitors to our Saturday Market adjacent to our 4 unit condo complex. The library was put up May 1st after I spent a month building it toward the end of winter. My wife maintains the books and says we have had 300 books go through this summer. Great fun and great comments about the practical use of used books and the construction of the library sporting a copper roof and tiny brick exterior (kitchen backsplash), with a stained glass entry door. We concur with you about being the talk of the neighborhood along with the other 14 registered LFL.
    Larry and Anne
    Edmonds, WA.


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