Book Review: Seven Wonders – Ben Mezrich

seven wonders coverTitle: Seven Wonders
Author: Ben Mezrich
ISBN: 9780762453825
Pages: 320
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Running Press
Genre: Historical Thriller
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Jack Grady has been estranged from his brother, Jeremy, for years. While Jack is an adventure-seeking archaeologist, his brother, Jeremy, is much more at home with computers than out in the world. But when Jeremy is murdered, Jack wonders if it could possibly have had to do with his own work, especially as Jeremy was researching a strange connection between the Seven Wonders of the World before he died.

Snapshot Review:

Like Indiana Jones? Then you’ll enjoy the adventures of Jack Grady as depicted in Seven Wonders. It’s exactly what you’d think it’d be: a fun romp through the past and present, with a main character who is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the history presented in Seven Wonders, and the character development is great. Jack is put together layer by layer; he’s not a caricature or as flat a character as you’d expect in a thriller. The novel isn’t exactly what you’d call believable, and at times the pacing moves too fast for the narrative to keep up. But all in all, it’s really a fun book. If you happen to be a history buff and are in the mood for a book to help you escape from the world for awhile, something that moves fast and doesn’t take too much brain power, then this is absolutely a book you want to pick up.

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  1. I love Indiana Jones and this sounds absolutely awesome.

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