Book Review: Tiny Little Thing & Along the Infinite Sea – Beatriz Williams

along-the-infinite-seaTitle: Tiny Little Thing / Along the Infinite Sea
Author: Beatriz Williams
ISBN: 9780399171307 / 9780399171314
Pages: 368 / 464
Release Date: June 23 / November 3, 2015
Publisher: Putnam
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Publisher


These two novels follow the Schulyer sisters Tiny and Pepper as they come to terms with the blows life have dealt them and pick up the pieces, separately and together. In Tiny Little Thing, Tiny is the perfect wife to the perfect husband, Frank, who has ambitions to one day lead the Senate. But when her sister, Pepper, shows up unannounced on her doorstep with a serious problem, at nearly the same time that Caspian, Frank’s best friend from the war, turns up, it’s almost more than Tiny can handle, as her life begins to fall apart. Along the Infinite Sea, meanwhile, is Pepper’s story that directly follows. Pepper meets a mysterious woman who has a complicated past involving World War II and the Nazis, and it turns out she may be able to help Pepper in ways that Pepper can’t imagine.


Ahh, Beatriz Williams. Your books are like a breath of fresh air, so intriguing and engaging and utterly tiny-little-thingheartbreaking/heartwarming (at the same time, a remarkable feat). Every time I hear that a Beatriz Williams book is releasing, my heart leaps. I love her books so much because they are reliably gripping, telling a gorgeous, lush love story that is atmospheric and that transports you utterly. But her novels are also unexpected and tense; there’s always something to up the ante, to make the story that much more compelling, and it always has me racing through the last pages, desperate to uncover what will happen.

Both Tiny Little Thing and Along the Infinite Sea have excellent pacing. That may seem like a strange compliment, but it’s hard to write a novel that is both suspenseful but also delivers enough on each page to keep readers engaged and interested. Williams has really mastered that, as is evident over the course of her five novels. She writes amazing characters that the reader falls in love with from the very start; they’re sassy, witty, and incredibly smart women, but they are each so different from one another. It’d be really easy for Williams to tell variations on the same story over and over again, but somehow she manages to make each character and novel unique.

If you’re interested in reading these books, you can dive into each as a standalone; they focus on different characters, but they’re all connected. If you want the full experience, start with A Hundred Summers, and then The Secret Life of Violet Grant. Follow those with Tiny Little Thing, and finally, Along the Infinite Sea. There are common characters that run through these stories, and it’s a lot of fun to make connections and see where characters you enjoyed reading about two books ago are now. But if the idea of reading four books seems like too much, then please just pick up whichever one interests you; I don’t care how everyone reads these books, but I need everyone to read them and love them as much as I do.

Enough gushing? Probably. I’m sure if I tried really hard, I could come up with some nitpicky issues about these novels. For example, the choices of a certain character in Along the Infinite Sea were frustrating and difficult, but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment. Williams knows how to create an entire package, and when one aspect of the novel gets frustrating, she balances it out with something amazing on another front. It’s so well done, and I can’t describe enough how much I love these incredible books.

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  1. I loved these books. Couldn’t put them down till I was done!

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