South Asian Challenge

For information on the South Asian Challenge, please visit this post.

If you’re looking for my South Asian Book Reviews, you’ll find them here.

Welcome to the landing page for the South Asian Challenge! Here you’ll find information about the challenge itself, instructions on how to sign up, information on where to post your reviews, and the South Asian Review Database.

I started the South Asian Challenge in 2010 because I wanted to do more to promote the literature and authors of South Asia. I love reading books about the region, and wanted to encourage others to do the same. If you’re looking for some great South Asian authors, check out the South Asian Review Database, a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for reviews from around the blogosphere.

The South Asian Review Database is a collection of reviews of books by South Asian authors and about South Asia. It is organized by author’s last name and is open to anyone’s links, even if you are not participating in the South Asian Challenge. If you are participating, this is where you should link up your reviews. Please read the instructions before posting.

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