Book Review: Only the Hunted Run – Neely Tucker

only the hunted runTitle: Only the Hunted Run
Author: Neely Tucker
ISBN: 9780525429425
Pages: 288
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Viking
Genre: Crime Fiction
Source: Publisher


Washington Post reporter Sully Carter is in the U.S. Capitol Building when the unthinkable happens—a gunman enters the building and starts to shoot innocent bystanders. Sully is a witness to the shooting, but something about it doesn’t sit quite right with him, so he begins to dig deeper into the gunman’s past, painting a target on his own back.


Neely Tucker’s Sully Carter series is one of my favorite series currently being written, no exaggeration. I love the mix of Washington, DC, history (a city I called home until just a few weeks ago), the portrayal of DC during the 1990s, the gruffness of the main character, and the mysteries he finds himself embroiled in. These are novels that make history fascinating, and their sense of place and atmosphere are on point. These are stories that couldn’t take place anywhere but Washington, DC.

Only the Hunted Run feels ripped from current headlines, even though the series takes place years ago. A gunman enters the Capitol building and starts shooting the place up. It’s horribly believable—I lived on Capitol Hill and can’t tell you how many times the building was on lockdown just in the past few months—and Tucker writes it well. The scene is searing, scary; you can feel Sully’s fear and panic. It’s a testament to Sully’s war reporting, and his ability to keep it together in dire situations (perhaps the time he keeps it together best; otherwise he’s falling apart at the seams), that he’s able to keep a cool head and figure out what to do.

One thing that Tucker does very well is take the reader into history through the story, and there’s no exception in Only the Hunted Run. Sully, the consummate outsider, has to delve into the gunman’s past, and the reader takes the plunge right along with him. The story is well-paced, and readers will want to devour it in one sitting.

If you haven’t picked up Tucker’s Sully Carter novels yet, and you enjoy mysteries, do yourself a favor and read these books. You don’t have to read them in order, but there is character development over the course of them that you’ll miss out on, and besides, these are all great novels. I certainly already can’t wait for Sully’s fourth adventure.

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