Pirate Vishnu + Quicksand – Gigi Pandian

pirate vishnuTitle: Pirate Vishnu (Jaya Jones Book #2) and Quicksand (Jaya Jones Book #3)
Author: Gigi Pandian
ISBN: 9781938383977
Pages: 306
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Henery Press
Genre: Mystery
Source: Publicist


In the second novel in the Jaya Jones treasure hunt series, Pirate Vishnu, Jaya must discover the truth about one of her ancestors—did he die in the United States, as her family has believed for so many years, or did he become a pirate, with the key to a treasure? In Quicksand, the third and most recent novel, Jaya receives a note from her old flame Lane asking her to meet him in Paris—but once she arrives, she realizes that more is going on than appears and Lane’s past has caught up with him.


I love adventure and treasure-hunt type novels, so when I discovered that Gigi Pandian was writing this type of series with a half-Indian main character, I was incredibly excited. The Jaya Jones mysteries (which start with Artifact) are smart, fun, and engrossing—it’s difficult to not read these in one sitting.

Pandian did an excellent job setting up the characters and their dynamics in Artifact, but she’s not afraid to play around with relationships in her later novels. These characters are fluid, developing and growing as the series progresses—notice I said characters, plural. One of the great things about this series is how much time and effort Pandian spends on the secondary characters. The reader gets to know Jaya very well, but it’s the supporting cast that make these books colorful and fun.

Pirate Vishnu and Quicksand take the reader on an armchair journey, and Pandian excellently writes these different places. These novels aren’t lacking for atmosphere, and the author pays close attention to details, clearly intent on creating a rich reading experience. The plots move at a brisk pace, and there are enough twists and turns to satisfy discerning readers. These books are fun, adventurous, history-filled romps, and I hope there are many, many more of them to come.

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