Book Review: The Trespasser – Tana French

Title: The Trespasser
Author: Tana French
ISBN: 9780670026333
Pages: 464
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Publisher: Viking
Genre: Crime Fiction
Source: Publisher


Detective Antoinette Conway has had it up to here with the Dublin Murder Squad. She’s tired of the sexist attitude of her fellow detectives and the fact that she’s expected to just accept their comments and actions. If it weren’t for her partner, Steve Moran, every day would be a nightmare. When Antoinette and Steve receive a case that appears to be a simple domestic, they are the only two that question whether things are what they seem. Are they making more of it than it seems to avoid the reality that they were handed a dead-end case, or is there really more going on than meets the eye?


Tana French. A name that elicits longing from fans of books. Tana French transcends genre; whether you love mystery novels or barely read them, whether you immerse yourself in literary fiction or prefer to avoid it, chances are if you’re any kind of reader, you love Tana French. She has an uncanny gift for spinning incredible yet entirely believable tales that will have you questioning anything and everything around you. Each of her books is so different from its predecessors, yet each is so incredibly good. And The Trespasser is no exception.

Antoinette Conway is a captivating and frustrating main character, so smart and sharp, yet closed in by her biases. It’s not hard to understand why she’s become that way; the things she has to deal with from her fellow detectives are pretty terrible. But it influences all parts of her life; she tries to be entirely self-reliant and jumps to thinking the worst of people. She’s such a rich character; with the way French’s books work (each focusing on a different, yet somehow related, character), I’m sorry we won’t be sending more time with her after this book.

The mystery at the core of The Trespasser is, quite frankly, crazy. Not because the circumstances are unbelievable—it’s as straightforward as the summary of the novel claims—but because of the directions French takes it in through her two main characters Antoinette and Steve. I never know what to expect with Tana French, but this was just insane in the best way. I loved every twist and turn, every unexpected occurrence, every random stray thought that the pair decided to entertain. It was shocking and entirely satisfying.

If you haven’t read Tana French yet because you’re afraid expectations are too high, trust me they aren’t. I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding her books, but it’s because they’re just so good. As I said, the books are connected through characters, so it’s worth reading them in order, starting with In the Woods, but if you don’t care about minor spoilers, then you can pick up whichever of her novels strikes your fancy (though I would read The Secret Place before this novel, just because of the characters in common). They are so worth reading, and you can join the legions of fans who salivate every time they hear word of a new Tana French novel.

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